Teresa Duncan

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The Dental Insurance Skills Training program (DIST) is designed to quickly bring you up to speed on insurance and how it works in the dental office. These modules can be taken individually or as part of a complete program. We’ll teach you what you need to know to work with and manage insurance in your office.

The courses will cover foundational knowledge such as clause and plan terminology; conversational skills with patients and insurance companies; and responsibilities associated with the insurance coordinator position. The program will conclude with a discussion on how to monitor and assess your insurance metrics.

The modules include:

- Introduction to Dental Insurance

- The Effective Insurance Coordinator

- Insurance Conversations

- Monitoring Insurance Impact

Discussion will include explanations of:

- Common clauses you’ll encounter

- Insurance plan terminology

- How to manage your contracts

- Validating insurance adjustments

- Evaluating your participation decisions

- The most difficult and common patient conversations

- Your insurance reports and how to ‘work’ them

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